Bimodal IT: Optimizing for Both Predictable and Exploratory Goals

Matt Gillis and Eli Nussbaum discuss how to make your IT operational environment nimbler while ensuring that the core needs of the organization remain stable.

2019 Bimodal IT Webinar Replay by HBR Consulting and Keno Kozie Associates

In this webinar, Matt Gillis, President of HBR Managed Services, and Eli Nussbaum, Managing Director of Keno Kozie share their insights into how bimodal IT can optimize resources to deliver core infrastructure as well as end user innovation in this webinar.

Matt and Eli discuss:

  • The two modes in bimodal IT: Mode 1 – management of core IT infrastructure and established applications and Mode 2 – management of innovation and experimentation efforts to develop and test new technologies
  • How this way of thinking about IT can optimize your firm’s resources to deliver core infrastructure while preserving time and resources to deliver IT innovation
  • The benefits of optimizing Mode 1 through the leveraging of outside IT partners to free up valuable resources and enable greater focus on Mode 2 innovations

Matt Gillis serves as president of the Managed Services business for HBR Consulting (HBR). He is responsible for the strategy and delivery of HBR’s IT Managed Services business, serving the full spectrum of law firms’ global IT needs.

Eli Nussbaum is a Managing Director and the Director of Business Development at Keno Kozie, focused on physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure design and implementation services. He continues to manage client accounts while also serving on Keno Kozie Associates’ Board of Directors.