How Centers of Excellence Are Accelerating Efficiencies Across the Legal Landscape

Across today’s legal ecosystem, a set of complex forces has pushed law firms to strategically reexamine and transform operational support in a way that places a greater emphasis and value on corporate client-facing activities. Cost pressures, new competitors and emerging technology, and evolving workforce dynamics are influencing an industry that is now embracing change in different ways.

Law firms are increasingly using business professionals to lead and sponsor initiatives and provide diversity of perspective. By acknowledging that there are benefits to bringing in accomplished business professionals from other industries to transform processes and implement technologies, firms are able to free up attorneys to focus more on clients. Furthermore, given the rise in alternatives to outside counsel, law firms must demonstrate differentiation and provide centers of excellence (CoEs) beyond what corporate law departments can deliver in-house. Shifting corporate client demands are challenging law firms to further define their core competency – the business of law – and leverage operational experts and CoEs to deliver their services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

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