Onit Podcast: HBR Law Department Survey


Onit's latest podcast features HBR Consulting, one of Onit's key alliance partners, and HBR managing director Lauren Chung.

Lauren begins by telling us a bit about the HBR Law Department Survey, the leading source of benchmarking data for U.S. and global law departments. The survey provides key metrics concerning legal spending, law department staffing, industry trends, diversity, and customized results. The comprehensive nature of the survey is what makes it unique. The survey is crucial in providing participants a detailed look at how they compare with their law department peers. In this way, departments can see areas in which they are strong or lacking. The survey is also a key performance management indicator to justify hiring, spend, and how effectively the department is managing resources. In fact, the survey has proven itself to be an effective tool in driving law departments’ performance management programs. Lauren closes by explaining how to participate in the survey.