2022 Law Department Survey and Fall 2022 Sounding Board Series: Key Takeaways Infographic

As the economic outlook has become more uncertain, law departments’ priorities and strategic planning challenges have shifted. Here are the key takeaways related to talent, law firm rate reviews, and technology from the 2022 Law Department Survey and Fall 2022 Sounding Board Series.

About the HBR Law Department Survey
The annual HBR Law Department Survey is the leading source of benchmarking data for corporate law departments, providing comprehensive data on legal spending, staffing, operations, technology, outside counsel management and compensation. The Survey, now entering its nineteenth year, including data from over 160 participating companies representing over 15 industries.

About the Sounding Board Series
The 2022 HBR Sounding Board Series brought together a range of law department and law firm leaders in meetings with their peers. The series included five law department virtual roundtables, providing general counsel and legal operations leaders from more than 78 companies the opportunity to share experiences and challenges, ask questions of one another, and offer best practices for some of the most pressing issues they faced in 2022.

2022 LDS Infographic LP